Conventional Artificial Teeth

"A lost teeth cannot be the end of the story, but it's just a new beginning"
Smiley believes that loss of teeth should not restrict anyone from enjoying the basic necessity of life - Food.

Our Prosthodontists (MDS) along with India's Top Laboratory brings a range of Conventional Removable Dentures :

  • Conventional Acrylic Partial Denture to replace few lost teeth, with imported teeth along with best local plate
  • High Strength Metal Infused Partial Denture, to avoid fracture in special cases
  • Conventional Acrylic Full Dentures, with different qualities of teeth & supporting plate
  • Metal Mesh Infused Full Dentures, to prevent midline fracture of dentures for heavy chewers
  • Porcelain teeth dentures along with Veined Acrylic Base Plate, to give the premium natural feel
  • Flexible Partial Dentures, for prefect metal free dentures. Extremely light weight with minimum discomfort