Dental treatment in Kolkata

Dental treatment in Kolkata

Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. is known for Premium Quality dental treatment in Kolkata. Some of the extraordinary features of Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. are as follows:

Exceptional Dentistry

Complicated Smile Makeovers, Single Visit Root Canal Treatments, Metal -Free Crowns, Pediatric Dentistry, Adult Braces, Complex Oral Surgeries – we offer nothing less than the best to our patients. All our equipment is equipped with the latest technologies. Our in house PSP scan machines & RVG Sensors ensure precision in diagnosis and best dental treatment in Kolkata.

Global Expertise

Each of our doctors have been trained from internationally accredited universities. We handpick our staff out of 100s of applications at our dental clinic. This ensures that you get the best possible dental treatment in Kolkata. 


We are so sure about our quality offerings because we use only genuine and high quality materials for the treatment. 


Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. is always there for emergency dental treatment in and around Kolkata. Unlike other individual dentists, we are a team of dentists. We have the specialists across all the spheres of dentistry. So, we always have dentists available for an emergency treatment. 


We strongly believe in using the top notch materials imported from the most renowned manufacturers across the world. We neither promote nor use any kind of Cheap Chinese imports. Our materials are among the most premium quality materials available across the world. 


We follow the most stringent sterilisation protocols. All instruments are necessarily sterilised even after completing the smallest of the operations. We ensure that all the protocols are necessarily followed so as to provide best quality dental treatment in Kolkata.


Dental Clinic in Kolkata

Dental Clinic in Kolkata

Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best dental clinic in Kolkata which offers world class dental treatment. One of the best dental clinic in Kolkata was established with an aim to provide world class treatment in clinical and cosmetic dentistry to patients in and around Kolkata. This dental clinic in Kolkata was founded with a vision to provide all kinds of international standard dental treatment under one roof.

The best dental clinic in Kolkata offers the following services as a part of our clinical dentistry treatment:

1) Straighten crooked teeth or unaligned teeth
2) Using invisible braces or conventional braces
3) Comprehensive treatment in minimum visits
4) We try our best to give a pain free experience
5) Relief from Jaw pain or stiffness of jaw muscles and providing complete solution for jaw pain.
6) Teeth sensitivity
7) Complete artificial teeth
8) Dental implants, crowns and bridges
9) Restorative filling
10) Paediatric dentistry

The best dental clinic in Kolkata offers following services as a part of our Cosmetic Dentistry treatment:

1) Complete Teeth whitening treatments using cutting edge technology
2) Smile makeover
3) Providing the nest smile to best suit your face
4) World class equipments
5) Good hygiene standards
6) Value for money

Why is Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. one of the best dental clinic in Kolkata?

1) Strict hygiene standards
2) Hi- tech clinic
3) Experienced set of doctors
4) Managed patient’s care


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