Single Visit RCT in Kolkata

Single Visit RCT in Kolkata is one of the most common dental treatments wherein blood or nerve supply of a tooth becomes infected due to tooth decay or any injury. It is also called endodontics. Untreated tooth decay slowly starts affecting the tooth’s pulp causing mild to severe teeth pain. Untreated tooth decay may lead to abscess or extraction also. Root canal treatment saves the tooth from further infection and saves the tooth structure. Root canal treatment is removal of infected soft tissue within the tooth and its replacement by an artificial filling material.

However, a crown may be used to protect root canal treated teeth and restore it to its normal function. And Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. offers Single Visit RCT Treatment in Kolkata. Single Visit RCT treatment in Kolkata makes root canal possible in a single sitting in a painless manner. Usage of the high end and latest technology equipments like Lasers and Apex Locators has helped reduce RCT Treatments to a single sitting only and that too 100% pain free. Laser light kills bacteria and affected tissue from the root canal system thus making the tooth infection free. In most cases, dentists at Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. can offer Single Visit RCT Treatments in Kolkata with Zero Discomfort and one and only visit to the dentist.

So, there is no more a reason to delay your root canal treatment! Lasers gives an opportunity to provide Single Visit RCT treatments in Kolkata and help you walk out of the clinic with a smile on your face after a 100% pain free root canal treatment.

So now there’s no reason for you to dread root canal treatments! LASERS. gives you a reason enough to walk out of Gums N Smiles, with a smile on your face after a virtually pain free root canal treatment!!

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