☛ Gone are the days when dentistry is only about taking out teeth & dental clinic is all about a one man show.

☛ Teeth in today's scenario are defined as: 32 Components to chew; 32 Reasons to smile

☛ Dentistry in 21st century is broadly divided into two major categories:

  • Dentistry which helps you get rid of pain & solves your dental needs
  • Dentistry which modifies your smile & fulfills your wish of an aesthetic make-over.

☛ Modern day dentists are no more the one's pulling out teeth only, but they are the architects of your smile.

☛ Dentistry today is all about preserving your natural teeth. Like it is said "United they stand but divided they fall.

☛ Smiley is a Multispecialty Dental Treatment Centre, where all specialties of dentistry are dealt.

☛ Smiley is a specialty treatment centre, where only specific specialist will deal with specific treatments.

☛ Smiley's ultimate mission is "Dentistry For ALL". Providing quality dentistry to everyone by:

  • Family Dental Clinic - General dentistry by Specialists at an economic rate.
  • Super-Specialty Clinic - Exclusive dentistry by Top Specialists.
  • Senior Citizen Clinic - Privilege treatment costs, a small gesture for the elderly.
  • Tie - Ups Initiative - Unique Privilege program on treatment costs for corporate & institutes.
  • Tie - Ups Individual - Individual Privilege program on treatment costs for life-time.
  • Aashwash Clinic - Low Budget charitable dental clinic for the lower Economic section of society.

☛ Smiley is committed to save your teeth & preserve your smile through Exclusivity, Expertise & Excellence.

☛ Smiley believes your teeth are always in style & your smile is your fashion statement: "Regardless of your age, Your Smile remains with you forever."

☛ Top 17 MDS Dentists of Team Smiley - Having a minimum experience of 5 years after MDS.

☛ Digital Appointment System - Ensures a hassle free appointment & almost zero waiting time for every patient.

☛ Four Stage Sterilization Protocol - Nullifies all kinds of cross-infection & provides absolute sterile equipments.

☛ Cam Guided Clinical Diagnosis - Gives a better understanding of the patient's dental problems.

☛ AERB certified Digital Imaging Unit- Ensures zero radiation hazard to everyone inside the operatory.

☛ PSP Digital Sensor - Provides perfect radiological evaluation for better diagnosis & treatment execution.

☛ Digital Server Image Storing - Keeps all patient image reports intact without damage or tamper.

☛ UV Protected X-Ray Scanner Unit - Automatically sterilizes the scanner every time before & after processing the image.

☛ Magnification Visual Tools - Gives better view of details during the dental treatment procedures.

☛ Programmed Ultra-Sonic Scaler Units - Reduces sensitivity during & after the dental procedure.

☛ Poly-Wave LED Light Cure Unit - Helps in better material efficacy & nullifies post restoration discomforts.

☛ LED Guided Instruments - Gives better illumination of the operating field.

☛ Smiley is a No - Compromise clinic in terms of Quality of Equipments & Materials or it's Patient Safety protocols.

Smiley's Range of Dental Solutions and Smile Beautification

21st Century Dentistry is broadly classified into:

  • Need Based Dentistry - Deals with our day to day dental needs. Smiley provides total range of dental treatments starting from the basic dentistry to advanced & latest in the field.
  • Wish Based Dentistry - Smiley specializes in providing you with your wish of an improved smile. Smile Designing & Beautification of Smile is our main USP.

Some Highlights of Smiley's range of dentistry:-

• Dentistry for Children - Pedodontics

• Dentistry for Preserving Teeth - Conservative Dentistry & Endododntics

• Dentistry for Artificial Teeth - Conventional Prosthodontics

• Dentistry for Fixed Artificial Teeth - Fixed Prosthodontics

• Dentistry for Setting Irregular Teeth - Conventional & Adult Orthodontics

• Dentistry for Smile Beautification - Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Designing

• Dentistry for Gum Strengthening - Periodontics

• Dentistry for Surgical Treatment - Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery

• Dentistry for General Dental Needs - Family Dentistry

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