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Preserve Your Smile

"Regardless of your age, Your Smile remains with you forever."

Smiley's core USP is in Wish Based Dentistry. Smile Design, Smile Modification & Smile Beautification are few services which you desire & we deliver.

"Smile is your ultimate fashion statement, when your teeth are in style"

Single Visit RCT

"Teeth once lost are lost forever, choose what is wise & not what is easy"

Children Dentistry

"Healthy habits & healthy teeth should start from a very early age"

Smile Designing

"Have a right kind of smile & you will rule the world"

Removable Artificial Teeth

"A lost teeth cannot be the end of the story, but it's just a new beginning"

Braces for all ages

"When life gives you LIMES, rearrange them with braces until they say SMILE"

Fixed Artificial Teeth

"Second best thing after your natural ones, having them is the best choice than having nothing"

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Dent care with a personal touch

"YOU are special to us, as your smile is so precious to you."

Top class Dentists providing Top class dentistry

Team of highly qualified top 17 MDS dentists with most advanced equipments & latest dental materials gives you the best in dentistry.

High standards gives you a safest dental experience

4 stage sterilization protocol, Sensor guided equipments, LED fitted hand pieces gives precision in your dental treatments.

Hassle free digital clinic

Appointments to internal referral everything is digitally controlled. Every internal diagnostic records are preserved in our server. Smiley takes care of your time & worries.