Fixed Artificial Teeth

"Second best thing after your natural ones, having them is the best choice than having nothing"
Smiley is known for providing latest in dentistry. Fixed prosthesis or Fixed Dentures has grown with time & now one doesn't need to use bulky, inconvenient dentures anymore. Most of our Crowns come with Company or Laboratory warranty.

Our expert Prosthodontists (MDS) brings a range of Fixed Artificial Teeth :

  • Conventional Hand Made Metal (Ni-Cr) Infused Crowns, which are economical
  • CAD-CAM Metal infused Crowns, which are light weight & precise
  • Machine milled Health Friendly Chrome- Cobult (Cr-Co) crowns, to avoid allergic reaction due to metal
  • High Strength Zirconium Metal-Free Crowns, the most acceptable material of choice for human body
  • Top Implant System from world leaders in Implant, best the money can buy & tension free Life-time warranty
  • DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) Crowns, providing ultimate precision, an ideal for any Implant