Surgical Dental Treatment

"When it is the only option left, taking it out is right"
In spite of Smiley's main focus is on Preserving teeth, there are times when surgical intervention is the only way out. In order to minimize any kind of post surgical complication, all our surgical work are done by Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeons(MDS).

Some of our surgical services:

  • Conventional Teeth Extraction, non surgical way of tooth removal
  • Broken or Decayed teeth extraction, minimal surgical involvement
  • Wisdom Teeth Surgeries, removal of 3rd molar surgically under localized anasthesia
  • Minor Oral Surgeries & Infective Abscess Drainage
  • Removal of Cyst with Enucleation or Marsupialization
  • Orthodontic Extraction, a Pre-Requisite in different Orthodontic case

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