Treatment of Gums & Associated Diseases

"United they stand but divided they fall, a healthy gum ensures that unity"
Smiley's Periodontist (MDS) believes a Healthy Gums ensure Intact Teeth & Intact Teeth ensures a Beautiful Smile. Sadly but true Oral Hygiene is least maintained due to misconceptions of people.

Some of Smiley's extensive Periodontal Therapy / Gum Treatments:

  • Non-Invasive Plaque Control & Oral Habit regulation
  • Minimally Invasive Sub-Gingival Therapy for reattachment of Gum fibers to teeth
  • Invasive Surgical Gum Therapy for reattachment of Periodontal Ligament fibers
  • Tooth Mobility corrections by Splinting
  • Correction of Bone Loss & Lowering of Gum Line by Bone graft & GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration) membrane
  • De-pigmentation & Crown Lengthening procedures to create aesthetic pink gums

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