Dental Treatment providers in Kolkata

Dental Treatment providers in Kolkata

We offer one of the best Dental Treatment in Kolkata. Listing out our services as follows:

1) Teeth Whitening services

Are you afraid of smiling as it reveals your dull and yellow teeth? In any case, one can go for Smiley Dental Treatment Pvt. Ltd – one of the best dental treatment providers in Kolkata’s Teeth Whitening treatment. Our teeth whitening service promises you a beautiful white smile.

2) Smile Makeover

Are you scared to display your crooked teeth? Go for the Smile Makeover procedure at one of the best Dental treatment providers in Kolkata – Smiley Dental Treatment Centre Pvt. Ltd. Our expert team of medical specialists can make your smile beautiful in no time. 

3) Single Sitting Root Canal

Have you been suffering from tremendous pain in your tooth and are still scared to go for a root canal? Then we, one of the best dental treatment providers in Kolkata have the best solution for you – single Sitting Painless Root Canal treatment. It all has been accomplished as a result of the expertise of our skilled set of doctors coupled with state of the art technology. 

4) Preventive Dentistry

It is a concept much lesser known in this country. We generally tend to go to the doctors only when we suffer from any kind of dental problems. However, it is advisable to for a routine dental check up every 6 months to detect any kind of gum problems, dental cavities etc.

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